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Let's Build a Better Baristo

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Thank you for your donation!

* Donations are not required for membership. However, if you are able, we ask for a voluntary donation, for example, $25 per year. Lesser amounts are equally appreciated, thank you! 


Donations are used to fund our nonprofit organization's expenses such as events, website, communications costs like printing, administrative costs, and other items approved in advance by the Board of Directors.


If you would prefer to  make a donation by check, you can make a donation payable to Baristo Neighborhood Org.    Mail the check to:

Baristo Neighborhood Org;  

PO Box 2995

Palm Springs CA 92263

"Baristo Neighborhood Organization" is a 501(c)(4), a Nonprofit Public Benefit corporation. Our NOrg uses 100% of its funds to support its Mission. No board member or committee chair is paid. We raise funds primarily to support the activities of our Workgroups, Events and Membership communication and engagement.


Please Note: Donations made to a 501(C)(4) are not tax deductible.

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